Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Not posted for some time..

Hi everyone,

No, I've not posted for sometime. After my none sexual liaison with yet another time waster, I just got pissed off and decided that blogging about my misery just simply made me miserable. I don't even have any self effacing stories to share which made it even worst.

Anyway, I've now seen quite a few messages from IE during the world cup. The total count, including those wonderful mails from Sarah of IE totaled 30. So, taking the posts away from Sarah, the world cup has drawn some 20 odd women to me. Oh, yes, sex at last.

I signed up and went through them. Now I have to say that I recently had my own introductory message re-evaluated (thank you mystery person). And while football has driven women to write some very risky messages, it is clear from the non personalisation that the messages could have gone to too many males to mention. I can see how women can spot a faker quite easily.

I've responded to all of them, and so far, the best I've got is an invitation to go to Denmark on the basis of meeting a very horny secretary!!!! Denmark, lovely place, good footballers, but erm, I'm a married man and there is no way I can swing any excuse for going to Denmark for a weekend without demands to bring the family along.

I've now got extended membership until September, so you never know. God, was that another misery post, self effacing?

Can't break the habit me.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

OK, sexual fantasies,,,,

One of my followers once posted about sexual toys. I've never used them and don't really fantasise about them, but I have been doing some thinking.

You know, as you can't see me I can tell you;

I'd really love a woman to put a strap on (a small one please) and fuck me up my arse. Don't ask me why, well, you could, but its probably that I'd experienced some finger anal and would like to take it further, so to speak. :-)

And, I'd like to film myself and another person making love. Obviously, it wouldn't see the light of day, only between us. Don't want it on one of those sex sites.

Any other additions from my followers?

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

OK, I admit it...

I'm not getting anything at the moment, but football now dominates my pass time.

There are some silver linings to not having a regular sex session.

Would be nice if the games are better....might get me thinking about sex again :-)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Another time waster...

Sorry I have no posted for sometime. No doubt your active imagination has seen me rolling about in the bedroom with my new play mate as she rides me cowboy style and comes yet again.

how I wish that was true.

It has turned out that she was not really ready for what she thought that she wanted, so I was led up the garden path.

I will post more details soon, but suffice to say, yet again I find myself without a friend and lover.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

My mature meeting...

Well, you all thought that I wouldn't tell didn't you? Well we met and got off to a bad start as I was late. Being a taxi for my little one does have its downside. First we were going to meet in a pub, but eventually met in Starbucks.

She is a genuinely nice person, if more visibly insecure than many. We talked like we'd known each other for ages. As her body language began to open up, I took the opportunity to lightly touch her, not intimately but playfully. She reciprocated with those women punches which can sometimes hurt.

As were were talking she moved her face to me and kissed me in public. I stood back and bit shocked, then she did it again!!! She has the softest lips I've felt for sometime.

When we broke up, she insisted on getting a bus back. I knew that she would accept a lift from me, but we have already agreed that we wouldn't be visiting her place. This seems to be a downfall in previous meets. No doubt she got sex, but it would appear that one offs are by their nature indifferent. But she's getting some!!!!

As we walked to the car our bodies constantly meet in unison. Anyway, we get in my car. And naturally we soon lock lips. At this point she doesn't care that its in public. We hug, and she gently (at my urging) caresses my throbbing member. Her breasts may have gone South (her words), but they are very sweet as I caresses them.

We part and believe it or not, we are still texting each other like teenagers.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

My mature liaision...

We had arranged to meet on the Monday after bank holiday. As normal, I texted to confirm the meet only to be told that a friend was ill and she couldn't make the meet. At the time it sounded like a rouse. As it turned out later, it was true. She emailed me again outlining her concerns about our age difference and my motive in wishing to date her.

If we were to meet and get down and dirty, this would have to be the most profound reply that I've made to an email. My most immediate sex life depended upon a successful response. How bloody stressful was that !!!

I started by pointing out that I was more concerned with personality than looks or age. I relayed an experience which was similar to her when I was approached by a 27 year old. I then re-iterated that I wasn't after a one night stand, but a regular session, with outings / meals thrown in.

Did it work. I had to wait until the evening as the day was taken up with DIY.

When I came to read my email it had done the trick. My carefully crafted bit of wordsmith had done its magic. Well done my boy. I had said enough through my email and she appreciated my honesty and openness and wanted to meet. It was clear from our continued texts that she had been hurt badly in the past. Boy, we were texting like two love sick teenagers. She told me that sex with her husband lasted for no more than 10 years of the 34 year marriage. I also discovered that like Diary of a late starter, she went onto IE to make up for lost time.

It was clear that she had been hurt or disappointed by her experience. A younger man she dated had obviously treated her bad. Her last lover was a 65 year old man. Asked about the sexual experience she simply said it was "OK".

We have now set a date for Friday 7th May. In our texting she was astonished when I suggested ideas for going out together. She had expected that I would turn up, expect to fuck her and never see her again !!! While I wouldn't turn down sex on a first date, if we hadn't pre-planned it, it was clear that there were some issues she had not worked through with her relationship with men.

This became more apparent when I joked about looking over the local talent, and roping her print in on a three in the bed session It was a joke, but she completely took it the wrong way, the very green eyed monster came out in the text "I don't share". At this point it looked like we wouldn't meet. Nothing I could say would placate her.

It was time to act.

I texted her and we spoke for quite some while. I get the impression that we could have spoken all day if need be. It re-assured her and confirmed in my mind that we would get along quite well. We continued our texting, but I was now getting tired, so I am now in bed watching the start of the election count.

We meet tomorrow, I simply can't wait.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My very mature liaison, part 1...

Sometimes, you have a fantasy which you have to try and make real. Mine is the idea of making love to a mature women. Well, I maybe in with a chance thanks to IE. It started sometime ago when I saw this profile of a women, let's call her P. She was a retired woman, and I mean at the retirement age for men.

When I first emailed her she simply ignored me. That was about a year ago. When I logged back onto IE I saw the same profile again. IE has a new wonderful feature (common on many sites) where you can see who viewed your profile. I first of all started by viewing her profile, not sending any messages. I just pondered, "Was it worth it", "Would she respond?". I then found she reciprocated the viewing. This went on and then I found she was viewing my profile even when I didn't view hers.

It was time to strike.

I sent her a message, not expecting anything back. I then got a message back. She was wondering why someone so young would want her.  But she was intrigued. I politely wrote back to her and she indicated that the age difference was a real problem for her.

What was so funny is that she never once indicated that she wasn't interested in a sexual relationship. She did note that she didn't want to be in a situation where someone came round her house for a few hours, fucked her and then went. So, her other concern was that I would take her out for a meal or a drink.

Our messages flowed back and forth,her being intrigued, but not wanting to take the next step. P finally wrote to me saying that she was with a gentleman friend. A rouse as it turned out, but as always, politeness never fails. I wrote back, wishing her the best and just saying "...well, if your intrigued"

She was very curious about why I would want a woman much older than myself, but curiosity had got the better of her and we agreed to a meeting, which I will tell you about in my next blog.

Sunday, May 2, 2010


I've now deleted my profiles on Love is the Bug and Plenty of Fish.

Rank sites both of them.

Won't lose any sleep with them out of my life.

I'm just sharing the love.

Have a good bank holiday.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Happy HNT

A few of my fellow bloggers have got into something called HNT, which apparently is about exposing parts of your body on a Thursday. So I thought that I'd get into some of that as well.

OK, not as sexy as Diary of a late starter, but an improvement on Anton's Who me? nipple job (sorry Anton).

Do you really want to see more of me? No, don't answer that one.....

IE profile: The fat, the large and the curvy, part II

First, I have to say that for me, fat / large / curvy doesn't mean ugly. I was trying to distinguish between curvy and fat for myself and perhaps make a comment on ugly, if that's relevant.. In order to do that I thought it would be fun for this discussion to focus on a few celebrities. All in an effort to show that a larger woman doesn't necessarily mean an ugly one.  I'd say that Fern Britton was fat, but not fat ugly. I could definitely seeing myself entering her from behind, doggy style, slow, hard, slow, slow, deep thrust (OK, boy stop now). Anyway, you get my drift.

Is Beth Ditto fat? No way? Its a real shame that she's a lesbian (in terms that she doesn't do men, I wish she did). I'd just love to do some serious missionary work with her. And of course our own Karen Marley (Life of a serial Mistress) who has a great curvy, sexy body with personality to boot.*

Personality goes a long way in making up deficiencies in societies definition of beauty. Dawn French doesn't do it for me sexually, but I suspect that she'd be a great person to know. But remember that when a IE profile states "I'm large but comely" it doesn't mean that they are large and ugly.

*NB Not speaking from personal experience I should add, regrettably.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

IE profiles: The fat, the large and the curvy....

One common phrase keeps coming up on IE from women and that is "If you don't like BBW / Large women / curvey etc move on" or words to that effect. It got me thinking.

The first issue that came to my head was, why did these women, who were by all accounts the average British size women feel the need to almost apologise or feel ashamed about their size. The seocnd issue is why are men not into such beauties.

Dawn French, in explaining her ex-marriage to Lenny Henry said that "Black men love large women" So, we were probably all wondering why he had a heavy fling with a slip of a woman (compared to Dawn, anyway).

The other more vexing question is what is large? When does large become fat, when does fat become ugly which appears to be the crux of the issue here? I'll leave these questions to part II of this blog.

A cautionary tale....

As you are probably aware I follow a number of blogs. The list can be seen to the right of  this page. Please read them, they are all good. Anyway, one of my fellow blogger's Diary of a late starter recounted the story of someone who clearly had too much time on their hands and made certain connections to her as a real person.

Well, while on IE I contact a certain person,who we shall call S. We went through the usual, exchanged message, swapped photos and we decided that we should get together. She had told me that a friend of the family had "discovered" her on the site and was giving her grief.

We didn't get to swap contact details as I had not contacted her for sometime. Then her profile was gone, vanished. Clearly something had gone tits up in her personal life. How the person discovered her I do not know, but as she wasn't from London and he clearly was from her area, you could guess that the first thing a man wants to do is fund someone close to home ~ obviously not as close as he discovered.

The cautionary tale is try and keep your real identity from any other physical link to your real self. Its not always easy, but for me, while I have an email address anyone here can contact me on, I do not use it as my main address, I don't link with Twitter and I don't connect my other interest with this blog.

For example none of you know that I.......

Just be careful out there.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Frustration creeps in....

While its sometimes fun to write about your own mishaps, at times it does get  a bit frustrating. I am of course talking about the fact that I have not had sex for so long I've forgotten what the last encounter was like. Is this my "reward" for wanting to change my situation? I can hear God booming out now "For your sins, your getting nothing"

I've not reported back on my IE experience yet, but I can say that the rejections are still coming my way!!

If only I can get  a woman to jump me and give me a good seeing to !!!

I wouldn't complain!!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

My Russian contact...

No, not Abramovich coming to hand control of Chelski to me, but a really nice young woman (28) who wrote to me recently. She wanted to know more about me so I explained that I was a middle aged married Black guy.

She came back with the most gushing of emails (with some nice pics, fit girl as well) telling me about how she doesn't smoke, doesn't drink and is looking for marriage.

Shame she lived in Russia!!!!!

Anyway, I had to write back to confirm that I was married and wasn't really looking for a Russian Bride. Moral of this story. If you leave a dating site delete your account!!!

Friday, April 2, 2010

I love some of the profiles on IE

I've been scanning some of the profiles on IE from women. I really love the phrase "A man who is honest, doesn't tell lies and is not deceitful" Erm, you're on a site which promotes extra marital affairs and you want a honest man? Fail.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Warning: Marriage Personals by Bone Fish is a rip off site

I have recently encountered a website which I would call a rip off and fraud. It had the intriguing title of "Married Personals" So, I visited it, and joined.

After a while I received a "wanna fuck" email. I emailed them back (very) eager to take up their offer. No response. Received another "wanna fuck" email and again the same thing happened. This happend on at least four other ocassions. All the people I wrote to never responded.

I began to smell a fish and immediately cancelled my membership. I wrote to do this, but they decided to double charge me. Two very unsuccessful emails later to obtain a refund and they simply did not respond.

If you see BONE FISH LTD on any web site, please, please, please, avoid like the plague. I honestly do not believe that women are on that site and they only exist to take money off guillable people.

Don't be one of them. Oh, and if they do want to sue me, they can pay back my £14.99 they ripped off me without reason. Websites like this exist on trust. They've broken that trust.

PS. I'm back and will be blogging a bit more.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What is a time waster?

I've been on numerous dating sites now and one of the most consistent and umoform complaint from both men and women is that the site is full of time wasters. OK so what is a time waster?

For what its worth I think that a timewaster, both men and women are:

1. Those who make dates and don't turn up or offer an explanation or apology
2. Those who are only interested in titilating stories or pussy and cock shots
3. Those people who claim that they're up for when reallly they are not.
4. Those not going into affairs or encounters not realising that everyone except the absolute loner (whether attached or not) will feel guilty at some point. They may want to bail out at the most inappropriate moment.
5. People who lead someone on as to the type of relationship they really want.
6. People who post false profiles or images of themselves
7. People who make all kinds of excuses not to meet face to face, even after a long series of text's or emails

OK, that's my starter, any advance on this?

Friday, March 12, 2010

Sorry folks....

I haven't updated my blog for some time. Its more related to work, its a real killer. There is a saying that you work to live, not live to work. At the moment I feel like I'm living to work!! If I had an affair at the moment, I'd be so shagged out from work, my performance would suffer.

It will be over soon, and I'll start to post soon.

...and a good nights sleep!!!!

So, sorry folks.

Monday, February 22, 2010


No, not what you think. I had a new follower named webdater. He is doing similar to me, in that he goes to dating sites and then joints and reports on his experience. Well he mentioned one site called smooch. So, as you would when you hear a good report you join.

Well, after a few days I receive this email;

Dear Tigerlight,

Your account with has been removed. This is because your profile indicated that you were looking for swinging, a threesome, an extra-marital relationship or to be dishonest or unfaithful to a partner. We do not allow the above mentioned activity through our site, though there are other sites available that may better suit your requirements.

Please note that you are now forbidden to rejoin the site and if you do, or you attempt to access the site through any other account, we reserve the right to remove that account without notice and without refunding any further fees paid for credits, in accordance with our Terms and Conditions regarding banned members.

Yours sincerely, Customer Services

OK,. silly me, I should have read the rules before joining. All you married people, you've been warned. I could have blamed webdater for not checking out that angle, but you win some and lose some, and anyway, why would I want to be a member of a site that didn't want my lovely persona. Their lose, tah!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Plenty o' Fish Part II..

OK, folks I said that I would update you on my expereince on Plenty of Fish. Well I did my first 10 test emails. The emails went off with no problem or nag screen. I did see the advert to "upgrade" a word I view with dred. OK, on a free site could they really want me to pay? Well yeah!! After going through a series of personality based questions which must have taken ages, I got a monthly charge rate to upgrade. Mind you it would improve my chances by 230%.  I turned down the offer and moved away as fast as my keyboard would take me.

One of the great things about the site is the dating categories. Long term, frineds, activty partner (backgammon, not what you lot are thinking), and of course Intimate Encounters. When you send an email you can block certain people from sending you mail. So if you don't want to receive emails from married people you can go into settings and block them from sending emails. Smart.

I decided to check my sent emails. Low and behold another useful feature. It shows you whether someone has read your email or not. My esteem came crushing down as more than 50% of those whom I sent emails to deleted the emails without even reading them. Grrrr. Horrid people. The others read it and just didn't respond.

I've now got two emails. Both for singles parties. I took the delete option.

Since I've not had a response, I've decided that this site is not really for me, but don't let my experience put you off. After all its a large site, you probably need to search quite a bit. There are plenty of people who have actually logged on as opposed to sites like love is a Bug where people have not logged onto the site for months.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Only one story on Valentines day ~ infedelity!!!

So, we have Vernon Kay, Cashley Cole and John Terry being pilloried in the press as very naughty boys on this Valentines Day. Given the nature of my blogs, I don't see infidelity as some alternative lifestyle. Many people are unfaithful for good and valid reasons. That's why I had a lot of difficulty in making my mind up about John Terry and whether he should have continued as England Captain on moral grounds.

I'm not sure if any of the above can necessarily say that, but we don't know their private lives, only their public persona, so indefelity is portrayed as something practised by sex obssessed dogs, rather than people who have a real and genuine reason to stray.

This is why I simply feel that moral grounds are a risky areas to make any decision when someone in public is exposed. The "role model" decision I could live with in the case of John Terry, though I bulk at this because his misdemeaners are not directly connected with football.

His wife, at least in public has appeared to take him back to the disgust of the red tops. But the reality is that his own  downfall was projecting a public image of a faithful married Dad, winning Dad of the year 2009 when in fact he was a serial adulterer. This made him, in my mind fair game for the press.

The same could be said for Tiger Woods. He set himself up to be shot down, but in reality, it should have been none of our business. I have no sympathy for Ashley Cole, whose's simply a money and female obsesed dog. Sorry.

Brings me to another point in this meandering article. Do you ever wonder why so many men cheat on some of the most beautiful women in the world? Would you cheat on Kylie Minogue? Halle Berry? Tess Daly?They are just three women I'd spend my day in bed with. And yes, at the same time, Lol.

But it goes to show that relationsihps are more than just simply a nice body and good looks. And I'm sure that many of the men and women cheat because no matter how beautiful their partners are, if something is wrong in their marriage - straying is an option.

I can say one more thing on this valentines day. John Terry, Cashley Cole and even Tiger Woods et all will cheat again as night follows day.

Happy Valentines Day to you all.

Monday, February 8, 2010

On IE two days, first date tomorrow....

Heaven knows what tomorrow will bring,but  tomorrow I meet my stalker. I've set up the meet and so long as snow doesn't come and ruin the day, we will be meeting. Already exchanged some very saucy text messages and spoke on the phone. I have also had some communications from my other site, but until something is firmed up, I'll hold powder on that one. Wish me luck.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Back on IE and already being stalked!!

Just to let you all know that I'm back on IE. Yes, it is a comment on these other sites I've been visiting, the majority being a waste of time and money.

I will conclude my time with "plenty of fish" in another post.

For those not aware of the IE rules, men are unable to close or delete their accounts. If the rules have now changed let me know. Furthermore, admin has decreed that it is an absolute, total sin to inform people that you are a basic member.

As a gold member you can hide your status, but hey, your rofile WILL come up in a search. bah!!

So with these restraints in mind I log onto my IE mail, and women have written to me,moi? fantastic!! One poor woman, unaware of the restraints explained above has now written to me three times. Three emails in the space of a week!! I feel as if I've been cyber stalked!!

I'll have to write to her if only to explain that I wasn't dissing her. I really hate being rude.

I'm really gonna enjoy my month on IE. It sort of feels good to be "home" after my travels.

Friday, January 29, 2010

When did you feel guilty?

I ask this question because unless your marriage is completely and irretrievably broken, at some point you must have a pang of guilt.

My own pang of guilt came literally after my first exaltant moan while coming inside my lover. After all my frustrations with my other half I just wished it was her in front of me.

I've now resolved that the time to stop would be either when I got bored or when those pangs of guilt became a constant companion. After all I don't want to hurt my other half.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Plenty of fish part II

I am always weary when a site claims that it is free. It envariably means that you can view content, but if you want to touch, you have to pay out. Not with POF. The sign up process was very easy, if a bit draconian. It would not let you move onto the next section without completing somethingr on the previous section.

It even insisted that it would not create you as a member until you'd unloaded a photo. I've since learnt that others do not have photos. Perhaps they uploaded and then removed it after their profile was created. The photos are loaded immediately and do not go through an "approval" process. Unusually, the site has a no nudity policy. Any dodgy photos will be taken down, and you risk being banned from the site.

So, how does the largest free dating site in England make money?  By using every spare place for adverts. There is no such typographical concept like white space. Every space is complete with a variety of other dating sites. Want to find an African Queen? Want to date a male over 40? Want to date someone rich? The adverts are there.

Next time I will give you my experience of posting my first messages. I can tell you that so far I have only recieved one email. But more on that later.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

So why plenty of fish? Prt I

OK, the easy answer is because its free. But you know I like to weave a little story. Well, last year I was contacted by Jane, a very nice sounding mature scottish woman. She wanted sex, and would even accept it in a car. She sounded like my type of girl.

Anyway, we tried to arrange some mutual dates and finally agreed to meet. We then decided to exchange photos so that we could recognise each other. Well, when I saw the photo, I knew it would never happen. She was a tran with her dangly bits removed !!! This was a bit too kinky for me, so I had to let her down very, very gently. After all she had my mobile phone number and I hadn't taken advice to have two phones, that would have aroused suspicion in the household.

Well, the other day, I received an email from her directing me to plenty of fish, so I decided to give it a go, in the interst of research you know. And no, its not a tranny site.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Two new followers.....

Hi everyone,

I have two new followers. One of them the delectable Karen Marley, who is very tasty (and probably out of my league), and Anton, who has his own blog, where he has more luck with the ladies than me. I won't link to his blog, the lucky fella, he can find his own publicity lol!!!

No, seriously, I've read it, and its good. I will be bigging up all the blogs I read to help spread the readership.

Anyway, talking of Karen Marley, she once wrote an article about what is your deal breaker? It was a very thought provoking article. Well, today, I had what can only be called a Deal Maker. I was contacted by a lovely lady who subsequently contacted me letting me known that I was not the only suitor for her affections.

Quite rightly, she asked me what I could tell her that would "clinch the deal". I won't go into details about what I said and as yet, I don't know if its clinched the deal or not. But do you have a deal maker, something about someone which says "OK, I'll go with that".

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Its raining

No sooner had I raised my frustration at the continued snow / ice snap then it starts to give us some glorious rain. I reaiise that for some in blighty, the rain itself won't necessarily be a release from the turbulent nsture of the weather.

Given the utter devastation that has befallen Haiti, my moans do appear churlish and petty. Its unfortunate that it takes such an event to cause us to reflect on life and some of our own minor discomforts. My heart goes out to the people of Haiti.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Bloody snow *7&&£4!!!

OK, we have it so infrequently in the South its a real novelty. But I have to say, after taking two hours to drive to work, the novelty has dried off. The scene is lovely. Real picture postcard. I wish that I could get out of my card and take photos, but no, I'm crawling and skidding behind every other mad driver because I decided today to drive rather than the underground followed by the overground.

What is strange is that my side road is like another world. On the main roads snow has melted. On my road, its been rock ice for a whole week. It took me two days before I could dig my car out, and that was in my own drive.

Snow, the novelty has worn off, go away.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Just joined plenty of fish

I've joined a "free" dating site called plenty of fish ( So far I'm iimpressed. Will give a full review in a future post. I can say its better than love is the bug.

Gumtree personal - goodbye and good riddance

So, Gumtree's Managing Director Suchi Mukherjee,has announced that after conducting a survey of Gumtree’s dating and casuals has found that is where users of the site are most dissatisfied. Unfortunately she declined to explain the nature of the dissatisfaction, so let me as a very dissatisfied customer shed some light on this.

I stumbled across Gumtree reading about some other women’s adventures. They simple placed an ad in said site, shifted through the responses, and their shagfest was set up for the weekend.

So, like them, I responded to a few casuals who seemed suitable hoping for the same results. The problem was that for every response I sent I was then assaulted with msn requests directing me to cam sites.

When it wasn’t a cam site it was a sex site where the women would inevitably come to you in that “hi hon (always hon, such a giveaway that they’re young and only after your money)why not sign up to x site to verify your age!!” do they actually think they’re talking to some pre-pubescence 13 year old?

In my brief time there I only found one person whom I thought was genuine. She was seeking a £100 credit squeeze shag. She could only do the deed between a certain time and it had to be done that week.

I’m not sad about Gumtree’s dating and casuals demise. In fact if we could throw in Love Is The Bug, it would be a great start to the year.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Getting all techie.

This blog has been written on my mobile blogging software. i've always wanted a means of updating my blog "on the go" so to speak.

unfortunately for my wife i'm a complete techie and if I had the money would probably purchase as many products as I could. I was recently describing a phone charger to her. it had a sleeky smooth Black body it looked and felt gorgeous. It simply felt great to have iin my company. And it didn't answer back!!

After that description women will probably understand why my wife looked totally puzzled and uninterested. To her it was a shiny black box with flashing lights. To me it was one sexy beast - but then I could have been talking about another woman - perhaps in technological terms I've just committed adultery.

Anyway, this post comes courtesy of my mobile software, so take a bow moblog which you can get from

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Being positive for the New Year

OK, last year was about my tales of woe and disappointments. I don't expect it to change, but I am told that a happier disposition of itself can assist in bringing results. You do understand that I don't write to people as some desperate dan. That won't do.

But I will go into things with a lot more confidence about what I can offer. After all, if I didn't think I had something to offer (sexual and otherwise), I wouldn't be trying.

Miserable, me? Nah.

To all of you embarking on an illicit encounter, good luck, and may your horniest dreams come true.