Monday, October 26, 2009

Jinxed or what?

OK, after a fuck fest famine, I got a bit greedy. Not having actually met anyone yet from, I had the opportunity to meet two in one week!!!

Well, you know it would go all Pete Tong, didn't you. Yes, it's me we're talking about.

OK, potential date No1 emails me via the site and says she's taking two days off. Two days, well, I'm not going to say no. So I duly book my day off and confirm that I am ready and available.

Not a sausage from her. Not a single, solitary word. I'm at home, on my lonesome, no company, nothing, just the memory of a woman who I've been in contact with for a few weeks (it was not an out of the blue request) who basically turned out to be a time waster. Doh!!!

The second one I had contacted her, and we had exchanged a few messages. She then sets a date for our meet. It was going to be a Friday, I'd already lined up my excuses to be late home.

She even gave me her email address. As it was a few weeks away, I waited a few days then I emailed her. She wanted to take things off site. No response. I emailed again. No response.

I left a message at the site, well, I did need an address, I couldn't exactly guess it could I?

Well, no contact to me either means that my messages are ending up in the junk box and she doesn't do a regular junk box check, or she's changed her mind. I am going for change of mind.

And guess what, a few days before the event, I get a message. Son is ill. Can't contact for a couple of weeks. Not a sound. Silence is deafening.

She may have been telling the truth, I have no way of knowing, but I do judge people by their actions, and if someone ways, "let's take this offside" then disappears for two weeks, its a loud as you can hear it "fuck you" message.

Why oh, why, oh why do I get these time wasters.

Have I forgotten to take the "take the piss out of me" sticker off my back?

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Love is the bug (consumer testing, part 1)...

Oh dear. Joined this site on recommendation. It trumpeted its freeness. You can get many things for free that on many sites you'd have to pay for. First impressions?

When a horrible bug nag screen came across my profile even before I could finish it (there was no close button to complete the profile) I knew that I wasn't going to like this site.

When you log on again, once again that bloody nag screen.

OK, I'm a hardly person, press on. OK, decided to search. As a free site it must be teeming with eager things ready to meet others for friendship. love and some heavy duty bonking.

My London search yielded only 5 women who had been on the site within the last month. 5 women. Even my UK wide search yielded very few people who have visited the site.

I'd really like to know what is going on??? Anyone else's experience. Anyway, that's a first expression and I've been able to email someone without being charged a penny.

Will visit again soon, but don't really hold out much hope of catching any fish.

I don't want to tempt fate but my famine may be over soon.

On being contacted...

On the website that I am currently on, I think I’ve begun to work out what is happening. When you log on as a new person, the first thing that you do is find other suitable candidates. So, as I have a picture, it is highly likely that I will be one of the first port of call for some women. Many email me with a variation of “You wanna fuck me”. Well, my answer is normally yyyyeeeesss, gerrin there!!! Then I hear nothing from them for ages, and then an email which strongly suggests that they have not bothered to read my email response to their suggetion arrives. Its really annoying.

I find that women, who come with the “wanna fuck"line, are usually testing a number of potential mates, and I am just one of many in line. I’ve never had a liaison with someone who comes on with a “wanna fuck me" message, so I’m less inclined to engage with their games, after all I know I have written to loads of women, and I am just waiting for one to bite. I also find that women with photos are more committed and more lilkey to respond to an email. I’ve never had an email response from someone who has not shown their picture. To me, unless you have some type of picture (and it does not have to be a face, tits or pussy shot) I will not bother to contact them.

Monday, October 5, 2009


On another blog, the writer told about how she was nearly caught out when her hubby stumbled upon her hotmail account, with, well, a lot of very hot males!!!

She was able to blag her way out of being discovered as an adulterous. No such luck for some of the women on a forum which I frequent.

The first one contacted within a few days of becoming a member. She clearly wanted to meet me, unfortunately, her husband found out, and I suspect that she will be in the dog house for some months, so, no pussy for me.

Then I went to the diary which they used for members to report on their exploits. Member no 2 tells everyone her Husband has discovered her antics and has quite understandably gone ape shit.

The third one, well, she was only on the site because her husband cheated on her!!! Well, he found out, but you then had the site of a beautiful woman baring her bum and pussy, and words in big bold letters beneath her GO AND FUCK SOMEONE ELSE'S WIFE YOU SAD BASTARDS. YOUR NOT HAVING MINE!!!

As they use to say on Hill Street Blues. Be careful out there.