Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Plenty o' Fish Part II..

OK, folks I said that I would update you on my expereince on Plenty of Fish. Well I did my first 10 test emails. The emails went off with no problem or nag screen. I did see the advert to "upgrade" a word I view with dred. OK, on a free site could they really want me to pay? Well yeah!! After going through a series of personality based questions which must have taken ages, I got a monthly charge rate to upgrade. Mind you it would improve my chances by 230%.  I turned down the offer and moved away as fast as my keyboard would take me.

One of the great things about the site is the dating categories. Long term, frineds, activty partner (backgammon, not what you lot are thinking), and of course Intimate Encounters. When you send an email you can block certain people from sending you mail. So if you don't want to receive emails from married people you can go into settings and block them from sending emails. Smart.

I decided to check my sent emails. Low and behold another useful feature. It shows you whether someone has read your email or not. My esteem came crushing down as more than 50% of those whom I sent emails to deleted the emails without even reading them. Grrrr. Horrid people. The others read it and just didn't respond.

I've now got two emails. Both for singles parties. I took the delete option.

Since I've not had a response, I've decided that this site is not really for me, but don't let my experience put you off. After all its a large site, you probably need to search quite a bit. There are plenty of people who have actually logged on as opposed to sites like love is a Bug where people have not logged onto the site for months.


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