Thursday, May 13, 2010

My mature meeting...

Well, you all thought that I wouldn't tell didn't you? Well we met and got off to a bad start as I was late. Being a taxi for my little one does have its downside. First we were going to meet in a pub, but eventually met in Starbucks.

She is a genuinely nice person, if more visibly insecure than many. We talked like we'd known each other for ages. As her body language began to open up, I took the opportunity to lightly touch her, not intimately but playfully. She reciprocated with those women punches which can sometimes hurt.

As were were talking she moved her face to me and kissed me in public. I stood back and bit shocked, then she did it again!!! She has the softest lips I've felt for sometime.

When we broke up, she insisted on getting a bus back. I knew that she would accept a lift from me, but we have already agreed that we wouldn't be visiting her place. This seems to be a downfall in previous meets. No doubt she got sex, but it would appear that one offs are by their nature indifferent. But she's getting some!!!!

As we walked to the car our bodies constantly meet in unison. Anyway, we get in my car. And naturally we soon lock lips. At this point she doesn't care that its in public. We hug, and she gently (at my urging) caresses my throbbing member. Her breasts may have gone South (her words), but they are very sweet as I caresses them.

We part and believe it or not, we are still texting each other like teenagers.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

My mature liaision...

We had arranged to meet on the Monday after bank holiday. As normal, I texted to confirm the meet only to be told that a friend was ill and she couldn't make the meet. At the time it sounded like a rouse. As it turned out later, it was true. She emailed me again outlining her concerns about our age difference and my motive in wishing to date her.

If we were to meet and get down and dirty, this would have to be the most profound reply that I've made to an email. My most immediate sex life depended upon a successful response. How bloody stressful was that !!!

I started by pointing out that I was more concerned with personality than looks or age. I relayed an experience which was similar to her when I was approached by a 27 year old. I then re-iterated that I wasn't after a one night stand, but a regular session, with outings / meals thrown in.

Did it work. I had to wait until the evening as the day was taken up with DIY.

When I came to read my email it had done the trick. My carefully crafted bit of wordsmith had done its magic. Well done my boy. I had said enough through my email and she appreciated my honesty and openness and wanted to meet. It was clear from our continued texts that she had been hurt badly in the past. Boy, we were texting like two love sick teenagers. She told me that sex with her husband lasted for no more than 10 years of the 34 year marriage. I also discovered that like Diary of a late starter, she went onto IE to make up for lost time.

It was clear that she had been hurt or disappointed by her experience. A younger man she dated had obviously treated her bad. Her last lover was a 65 year old man. Asked about the sexual experience she simply said it was "OK".

We have now set a date for Friday 7th May. In our texting she was astonished when I suggested ideas for going out together. She had expected that I would turn up, expect to fuck her and never see her again !!! While I wouldn't turn down sex on a first date, if we hadn't pre-planned it, it was clear that there were some issues she had not worked through with her relationship with men.

This became more apparent when I joked about looking over the local talent, and roping her print in on a three in the bed session It was a joke, but she completely took it the wrong way, the very green eyed monster came out in the text "I don't share". At this point it looked like we wouldn't meet. Nothing I could say would placate her.

It was time to act.

I texted her and we spoke for quite some while. I get the impression that we could have spoken all day if need be. It re-assured her and confirmed in my mind that we would get along quite well. We continued our texting, but I was now getting tired, so I am now in bed watching the start of the election count.

We meet tomorrow, I simply can't wait.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My very mature liaison, part 1...

Sometimes, you have a fantasy which you have to try and make real. Mine is the idea of making love to a mature women. Well, I maybe in with a chance thanks to IE. It started sometime ago when I saw this profile of a women, let's call her P. She was a retired woman, and I mean at the retirement age for men.

When I first emailed her she simply ignored me. That was about a year ago. When I logged back onto IE I saw the same profile again. IE has a new wonderful feature (common on many sites) where you can see who viewed your profile. I first of all started by viewing her profile, not sending any messages. I just pondered, "Was it worth it", "Would she respond?". I then found she reciprocated the viewing. This went on and then I found she was viewing my profile even when I didn't view hers.

It was time to strike.

I sent her a message, not expecting anything back. I then got a message back. She was wondering why someone so young would want her.  But she was intrigued. I politely wrote back to her and she indicated that the age difference was a real problem for her.

What was so funny is that she never once indicated that she wasn't interested in a sexual relationship. She did note that she didn't want to be in a situation where someone came round her house for a few hours, fucked her and then went. So, her other concern was that I would take her out for a meal or a drink.

Our messages flowed back and forth,her being intrigued, but not wanting to take the next step. P finally wrote to me saying that she was with a gentleman friend. A rouse as it turned out, but as always, politeness never fails. I wrote back, wishing her the best and just saying "...well, if your intrigued"

She was very curious about why I would want a woman much older than myself, but curiosity had got the better of her and we agreed to a meeting, which I will tell you about in my next blog.

Sunday, May 2, 2010


I've now deleted my profiles on Love is the Bug and Plenty of Fish.

Rank sites both of them.

Won't lose any sleep with them out of my life.

I'm just sharing the love.

Have a good bank holiday.