Friday, January 8, 2010

Getting all techie.

This blog has been written on my mobile blogging software. i've always wanted a means of updating my blog "on the go" so to speak.

unfortunately for my wife i'm a complete techie and if I had the money would probably purchase as many products as I could. I was recently describing a phone charger to her. it had a sleeky smooth Black body it looked and felt gorgeous. It simply felt great to have iin my company. And it didn't answer back!!

After that description women will probably understand why my wife looked totally puzzled and uninterested. To her it was a shiny black box with flashing lights. To me it was one sexy beast - but then I could have been talking about another woman - perhaps in technological terms I've just committed adultery.

Anyway, this post comes courtesy of my mobile software, so take a bow moblog which you can get from

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Leah said...

Lol! I feel the same about Jon Paul Gaultier pour Homme cologne bottles! Male torso's in glass. Yum!