Sunday, March 28, 2010

Warning: Marriage Personals by Bone Fish is a rip off site

I have recently encountered a website which I would call a rip off and fraud. It had the intriguing title of "Married Personals" So, I visited it, and joined.

After a while I received a "wanna fuck" email. I emailed them back (very) eager to take up their offer. No response. Received another "wanna fuck" email and again the same thing happened. This happend on at least four other ocassions. All the people I wrote to never responded.

I began to smell a fish and immediately cancelled my membership. I wrote to do this, but they decided to double charge me. Two very unsuccessful emails later to obtain a refund and they simply did not respond.

If you see BONE FISH LTD on any web site, please, please, please, avoid like the plague. I honestly do not believe that women are on that site and they only exist to take money off guillable people.

Don't be one of them. Oh, and if they do want to sue me, they can pay back my £14.99 they ripped off me without reason. Websites like this exist on trust. They've broken that trust.

PS. I'm back and will be blogging a bit more.


Leah said...

Stick with IE, and start blogging again. It will be good to have you back xx

Anonymous said...

Yep, they're still conning people. Do not touch with a barge pole.