Sunday, January 10, 2010

Gumtree personal - goodbye and good riddance

So, Gumtree's Managing Director Suchi Mukherjee,has announced that after conducting a survey of Gumtree’s dating and casuals has found that is where users of the site are most dissatisfied. Unfortunately she declined to explain the nature of the dissatisfaction, so let me as a very dissatisfied customer shed some light on this.

I stumbled across Gumtree reading about some other women’s adventures. They simple placed an ad in said site, shifted through the responses, and their shagfest was set up for the weekend.

So, like them, I responded to a few casuals who seemed suitable hoping for the same results. The problem was that for every response I sent I was then assaulted with msn requests directing me to cam sites.

When it wasn’t a cam site it was a sex site where the women would inevitably come to you in that “hi hon (always hon, such a giveaway that they’re young and only after your money)why not sign up to x site to verify your age!!” do they actually think they’re talking to some pre-pubescence 13 year old?

In my brief time there I only found one person whom I thought was genuine. She was seeking a £100 credit squeeze shag. She could only do the deed between a certain time and it had to be done that week.

I’m not sad about Gumtree’s dating and casuals demise. In fact if we could throw in Love Is The Bug, it would be a great start to the year.


Topkat said...

OzAdz is a good alternative site.

Anonymous said...

Im not sure why you have it in for loveisthebug I use this site regularly and find the people on there genuine. I will say one thing due to the fact its free they probably cant afford to market like the big sites. i think sites like these who follow modern internet business models are the future and its the sites who charge who days are numbered.Just a though anyhow

Anonymous said...

www.blackbookfun is a great place to find horny women in your local area!