Sunday, April 11, 2010

Frustration creeps in....

While its sometimes fun to write about your own mishaps, at times it does get  a bit frustrating. I am of course talking about the fact that I have not had sex for so long I've forgotten what the last encounter was like. Is this my "reward" for wanting to change my situation? I can hear God booming out now "For your sins, your getting nothing"

I've not reported back on my IE experience yet, but I can say that the rejections are still coming my way!!

If only I can get  a woman to jump me and give me a good seeing to !!!

I wouldn't complain!!!


Leah said...

Awww, honey!

Anton said...

Have you got any of the girls on here to look at your profile on IE?
They are the best people to advise you. Those first impressions do have a big effect.
I'll have a look if you let me know your handle but no sex on the first date! lol.

Blog On The Land said...

Sounds a great idea, but no dry humping, either on a first or second date. I still call that sex!!!

My profile has been inspired by reading the female profiles, but any assistance will be grabbed by both hands.

Blog On The Land said...

Anton, email me on, would welcome your perspective.

bluefrog said...

I was on IE for a while and the men that contacted were sometimes creepy and rather forward (in that they expected that I would fall at their feet and jump into bed with them) or so quiet and timid that they wouldnt say boo to a goose.
I have left IE now, but if you remember bluefrog.......;-)