Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What is a time waster?

I've been on numerous dating sites now and one of the most consistent and umoform complaint from both men and women is that the site is full of time wasters. OK so what is a time waster?

For what its worth I think that a timewaster, both men and women are:

1. Those who make dates and don't turn up or offer an explanation or apology
2. Those who are only interested in titilating stories or pussy and cock shots
3. Those people who claim that they're up for when reallly they are not.
4. Those not going into affairs or encounters not realising that everyone except the absolute loner (whether attached or not) will feel guilty at some point. They may want to bail out at the most inappropriate moment.
5. People who lead someone on as to the type of relationship they really want.
6. People who post false profiles or images of themselves
7. People who make all kinds of excuses not to meet face to face, even after a long series of text's or emails

OK, that's my starter, any advance on this?


Leah said...

In my limited experience, you've nailed it Mr Blog On The Land.

I've got something to post about an experience yesterday, but it's gonna take me a while to compose. That's only because I led myself into something stupid. I'm wondering if I'll ever learn!

Blog On The Land said...

I would hope that your experience is nothing more than a learning experience. Unfortunately, there are plenty of fish in the sea, problem is that some of them are sharks.