Sunday, April 4, 2010

My Russian contact...

No, not Abramovich coming to hand control of Chelski to me, but a really nice young woman (28) who wrote to me recently. She wanted to know more about me so I explained that I was a middle aged married Black guy.

She came back with the most gushing of emails (with some nice pics, fit girl as well) telling me about how she doesn't smoke, doesn't drink and is looking for marriage.

Shame she lived in Russia!!!!!

Anyway, I had to write back to confirm that I was married and wasn't really looking for a Russian Bride. Moral of this story. If you leave a dating site delete your account!!!


Leah said...

.....and in addition - do not touch with a bloody bargepole!¬ A close family friend has just been HAD twice (yes, I know!) with the Russian brides thing. Resultant loss of dignity and a slightly empty pocket!

Anton said...

Absolutely. If its too good to be true it probably is.

Blog On The Land said...

Not being funny like, but a 28 year old who is ready to settle down, doesn't smoke or drink in any western culture sounds well dodgy, even before being proposed to over the internet before we've even met.

Leah, sorry about your friend. Once is bad enough, but twice? Twice? Really? What didn't ring alarm bells with them?

Anton, wise words. Glad to see you posting again.