Friday, September 25, 2009

So, i'm a magnet for new boyfriends....

Just to let you know I was contacted by another previous IE liaison. She was someone who had totally worn me out in bed. She was a monster. I've had few women who were like her. I've had to pump her really hard, get my finger deep inside her cunt and for good measure, lick her out just to get her really wet.

Once I managed to get her to cum within the hour, she had multiple orgasms, I think 8 on average. But it was her who managed it, and when she wanted me to cum, she'd just push hard, and no matter what I did, I came and jerked her off with force.

I loved it.

Anyway, she's now found her soul mate (which I thought was me). Anyway, they're moving in together (and her five children). I am happy for her, but that's now the second IE contact who has found love after being with me.

Perhaps I'm in the wrong business.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Catch up..

So that even I don't go mad, let me recap where I am with the various ladies not in my life. Well, C has not contacted me since we had two hours of non stop sex minutes after meeting. I hope that she's getting some as her body deserves a seeing to every day.

Shame she lives over 100 miles from London.

B, the one with the abusive husband has finally taken my advice and moved out with her daugther, hopefully never to return. We've still not met. I have been supportive, but I doubt we'll ever meet as lovers.

My bounce backability Church "lover" (we've not had sex yet) has come into and out of my life. Oh, god why do church goers want to have illicit sex when it goes against their religion, and then complain that they want it, but god forbids them from having it.

I hope my time will come soon. She has at last got a vibrator, when beforehand (I had advised her to get one) it was taboo. One day, on our "off" days she texted me. I had some important assignment to complete and she informed me when we were on again that she was ready, really ready for me to entertain her sexually. Drat!!!!

So, there we have it, no lover, no sex.

In terms of IE, I was contacted after my membership was over. I tried via winks to contact her, but for some reason she didn't bother to read my previous email, which would have given her my email address.

Shame, she has now gone hidden profile.

Almost makes you wanna cry.

Women time wasters....

I never really thought about women wasting men's time. I don't mean setting up a meeting and nt turning up, that happens. On Fuck Buddy, I was contacted by plenty of women. The warning signs I've come to learn is when they say "tell me what you'll do to me in bed".

Well, I know its a fuck site, but please, what about the female refrain about treating someone like a person? With a site with more men that women, they must be getting more seriously horny stories to assist them with working that vibrator.