Sunday, January 10, 2010

Just joined plenty of fish

I've joined a "free" dating site called plenty of fish ( So far I'm iimpressed. Will give a full review in a future post. I can say its better than love is the bug.


Leah said...

Looking forward to hearing your comments. I hope you'll offer up a no holds barred review!

Blog On The Land said...

Oh, believe me I will. They don't pay me. There are some nice features, but be warned, their upgrade offer is about parting with real money. I'm likely to break the review over a number of blogs.

Anonymous said...

Illicit Encounters is ok for what it offers with several pro's and con's. The pro's are that ive actually met 2 women from the website so i can say there are real people on there, however the cons out weigh the por's as its expensive for men. £120 a month is a bit steep seen as how the women dont pay for theirs. Also once your membership runs out they bombard you with offers too rejoin non of which will offer you it any cheaper. When my membership ran out i heard nothing from the women on the site but when i logged in just too browse (mind you i cant message anyone due to membership run out) all of a sudden i was receiveng mutliple messages a day (funny that seen as how i had hidden my profile). It appears they are making up fictitous women in order to get me to part with another £120. If you want my advise then go find women in the real world like any normal person would.