Tuesday, June 29, 2010

OK, sexual fantasies,,,,

One of my followers once posted about sexual toys. I've never used them and don't really fantasise about them, but I have been doing some thinking.

You know, as you can't see me I can tell you;

I'd really love a woman to put a strap on (a small one please) and fuck me up my arse. Don't ask me why, well, you could, but its probably that I'd experienced some finger anal and would like to take it further, so to speak. :-)

And, I'd like to film myself and another person making love. Obviously, it wouldn't see the light of day, only between us. Don't want it on one of those sex sites.

Any other additions from my followers?

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Anonymous said...

Miaow! I've only just came across this blog and i am gutted it's so short! X