Wednesday, April 28, 2010

IE profile: The fat, the large and the curvy, part II

First, I have to say that for me, fat / large / curvy doesn't mean ugly. I was trying to distinguish between curvy and fat for myself and perhaps make a comment on ugly, if that's relevant.. In order to do that I thought it would be fun for this discussion to focus on a few celebrities. All in an effort to show that a larger woman doesn't necessarily mean an ugly one.  I'd say that Fern Britton was fat, but not fat ugly. I could definitely seeing myself entering her from behind, doggy style, slow, hard, slow, slow, deep thrust (OK, boy stop now). Anyway, you get my drift.

Is Beth Ditto fat? No way? Its a real shame that she's a lesbian (in terms that she doesn't do men, I wish she did). I'd just love to do some serious missionary work with her. And of course our own Karen Marley (Life of a serial Mistress) who has a great curvy, sexy body with personality to boot.*

Personality goes a long way in making up deficiencies in societies definition of beauty. Dawn French doesn't do it for me sexually, but I suspect that she'd be a great person to know. But remember that when a IE profile states "I'm large but comely" it doesn't mean that they are large and ugly.

*NB Not speaking from personal experience I should add, regrettably.


Leah said...

Hear, hear!

Anton said...

I think this could open up a whole new debate on how women describe themselves on dating sites. Some describe themselves as "curvaceous" when they are a size 12. Others use the same description when they are 20 stone plus. Likewise medium, few extra pounds etc etc. I think it sometimes shows how a woman feels about herself. Whether she is confident in her skin or otherwise.