Sunday, April 25, 2010

A cautionary tale....

As you are probably aware I follow a number of blogs. The list can be seen to the right of  this page. Please read them, they are all good. Anyway, one of my fellow blogger's Diary of a late starter recounted the story of someone who clearly had too much time on their hands and made certain connections to her as a real person.

Well, while on IE I contact a certain person,who we shall call S. We went through the usual, exchanged message, swapped photos and we decided that we should get together. She had told me that a friend of the family had "discovered" her on the site and was giving her grief.

We didn't get to swap contact details as I had not contacted her for sometime. Then her profile was gone, vanished. Clearly something had gone tits up in her personal life. How the person discovered her I do not know, but as she wasn't from London and he clearly was from her area, you could guess that the first thing a man wants to do is fund someone close to home ~ obviously not as close as he discovered.

The cautionary tale is try and keep your real identity from any other physical link to your real self. Its not always easy, but for me, while I have an email address anyone here can contact me on, I do not use it as my main address, I don't link with Twitter and I don't connect my other interest with this blog.

For example none of you know that I.......

Just be careful out there.

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Leah said...

Wise words there. I've removed my links now. I completely forgot I'd done it in the first place. Must have been a moment of madness.