Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Not posted for some time..

Hi everyone,

No, I've not posted for sometime. After my none sexual liaison with yet another time waster, I just got pissed off and decided that blogging about my misery just simply made me miserable. I don't even have any self effacing stories to share which made it even worst.

Anyway, I've now seen quite a few messages from IE during the world cup. The total count, including those wonderful mails from Sarah of IE totaled 30. So, taking the posts away from Sarah, the world cup has drawn some 20 odd women to me. Oh, yes, sex at last.

I signed up and went through them. Now I have to say that I recently had my own introductory message re-evaluated (thank you mystery person). And while football has driven women to write some very risky messages, it is clear from the non personalisation that the messages could have gone to too many males to mention. I can see how women can spot a faker quite easily.

I've responded to all of them, and so far, the best I've got is an invitation to go to Denmark on the basis of meeting a very horny secretary!!!! Denmark, lovely place, good footballers, but erm, I'm a married man and there is no way I can swing any excuse for going to Denmark for a weekend without demands to bring the family along.

I've now got extended membership until September, so you never know. God, was that another misery post, self effacing?

Can't break the habit me.

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Leah said...

Good to see you posting again Mr BOTL. Looking forward to some juiciness soon eh?