Thursday, May 13, 2010

My mature meeting...

Well, you all thought that I wouldn't tell didn't you? Well we met and got off to a bad start as I was late. Being a taxi for my little one does have its downside. First we were going to meet in a pub, but eventually met in Starbucks.

She is a genuinely nice person, if more visibly insecure than many. We talked like we'd known each other for ages. As her body language began to open up, I took the opportunity to lightly touch her, not intimately but playfully. She reciprocated with those women punches which can sometimes hurt.

As were were talking she moved her face to me and kissed me in public. I stood back and bit shocked, then she did it again!!! She has the softest lips I've felt for sometime.

When we broke up, she insisted on getting a bus back. I knew that she would accept a lift from me, but we have already agreed that we wouldn't be visiting her place. This seems to be a downfall in previous meets. No doubt she got sex, but it would appear that one offs are by their nature indifferent. But she's getting some!!!!

As we walked to the car our bodies constantly meet in unison. Anyway, we get in my car. And naturally we soon lock lips. At this point she doesn't care that its in public. We hug, and she gently (at my urging) caresses my throbbing member. Her breasts may have gone South (her words), but they are very sweet as I caresses them.

We part and believe it or not, we are still texting each other like teenagers.

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Leah said...

Oh wow Mr BOTL! Hopeful for future meets then. How lovely that you're still texting.......xx