Saturday, January 16, 2010

Two new followers.....

Hi everyone,

I have two new followers. One of them the delectable Karen Marley, who is very tasty (and probably out of my league), and Anton, who has his own blog, where he has more luck with the ladies than me. I won't link to his blog, the lucky fella, he can find his own publicity lol!!!

No, seriously, I've read it, and its good. I will be bigging up all the blogs I read to help spread the readership.

Anyway, talking of Karen Marley, she once wrote an article about what is your deal breaker? It was a very thought provoking article. Well, today, I had what can only be called a Deal Maker. I was contacted by a lovely lady who subsequently contacted me letting me known that I was not the only suitor for her affections.

Quite rightly, she asked me what I could tell her that would "clinch the deal". I won't go into details about what I said and as yet, I don't know if its clinched the deal or not. But do you have a deal maker, something about someone which says "OK, I'll go with that".

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Anton said...

Thanks for mentioning my blog. Dont know about being luckier than you as my blog covers quite a period of time. At present its all chat and no action.
As for the deal clincher, normally its dependent on them being female and having a pulse...