Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Bloody snow *7&&£4!!!

OK, we have it so infrequently in the South its a real novelty. But I have to say, after taking two hours to drive to work, the novelty has dried off. The scene is lovely. Real picture postcard. I wish that I could get out of my card and take photos, but no, I'm crawling and skidding behind every other mad driver because I decided today to drive rather than the underground followed by the overground.

What is strange is that my side road is like another world. On the main roads snow has melted. On my road, its been rock ice for a whole week. It took me two days before I could dig my car out, and that was in my own drive.

Snow, the novelty has worn off, go away.

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Leah said...

If it's any consolation, it's warmed up here in the jolly Peak District. Some roads still impassable in the higher Peak, but all is business as usual down where we live.

I'll be in London on Saturday, so hope it warms up then.