Sunday, April 25, 2010

IE profiles: The fat, the large and the curvy....

One common phrase keeps coming up on IE from women and that is "If you don't like BBW / Large women / curvey etc move on" or words to that effect. It got me thinking.

The first issue that came to my head was, why did these women, who were by all accounts the average British size women feel the need to almost apologise or feel ashamed about their size. The seocnd issue is why are men not into such beauties.

Dawn French, in explaining her ex-marriage to Lenny Henry said that "Black men love large women" So, we were probably all wondering why he had a heavy fling with a slip of a woman (compared to Dawn, anyway).

The other more vexing question is what is large? When does large become fat, when does fat become ugly which appears to be the crux of the issue here? I'll leave these questions to part II of this blog.


Leah said...

Well as you know, I'm very curvy and statuesque, and I don't have any problems at I?

Blog On The Land said...

Not by the pics I've seen on Thursday. Got to get into this think, unfortunately, might frighten the pidgeons.