Sunday, February 14, 2010

Only one story on Valentines day ~ infedelity!!!

So, we have Vernon Kay, Cashley Cole and John Terry being pilloried in the press as very naughty boys on this Valentines Day. Given the nature of my blogs, I don't see infidelity as some alternative lifestyle. Many people are unfaithful for good and valid reasons. That's why I had a lot of difficulty in making my mind up about John Terry and whether he should have continued as England Captain on moral grounds.

I'm not sure if any of the above can necessarily say that, but we don't know their private lives, only their public persona, so indefelity is portrayed as something practised by sex obssessed dogs, rather than people who have a real and genuine reason to stray.

This is why I simply feel that moral grounds are a risky areas to make any decision when someone in public is exposed. The "role model" decision I could live with in the case of John Terry, though I bulk at this because his misdemeaners are not directly connected with football.

His wife, at least in public has appeared to take him back to the disgust of the red tops. But the reality is that his own  downfall was projecting a public image of a faithful married Dad, winning Dad of the year 2009 when in fact he was a serial adulterer. This made him, in my mind fair game for the press.

The same could be said for Tiger Woods. He set himself up to be shot down, but in reality, it should have been none of our business. I have no sympathy for Ashley Cole, whose's simply a money and female obsesed dog. Sorry.

Brings me to another point in this meandering article. Do you ever wonder why so many men cheat on some of the most beautiful women in the world? Would you cheat on Kylie Minogue? Halle Berry? Tess Daly?They are just three women I'd spend my day in bed with. And yes, at the same time, Lol.

But it goes to show that relationsihps are more than just simply a nice body and good looks. And I'm sure that many of the men and women cheat because no matter how beautiful their partners are, if something is wrong in their marriage - straying is an option.

I can say one more thing on this valentines day. John Terry, Cashley Cole and even Tiger Woods et all will cheat again as night follows day.

Happy Valentines Day to you all.

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