Friday, February 5, 2010

Back on IE and already being stalked!!

Just to let you all know that I'm back on IE. Yes, it is a comment on these other sites I've been visiting, the majority being a waste of time and money.

I will conclude my time with "plenty of fish" in another post.

For those not aware of the IE rules, men are unable to close or delete their accounts. If the rules have now changed let me know. Furthermore, admin has decreed that it is an absolute, total sin to inform people that you are a basic member.

As a gold member you can hide your status, but hey, your rofile WILL come up in a search. bah!!

So with these restraints in mind I log onto my IE mail, and women have written to me,moi? fantastic!! One poor woman, unaware of the restraints explained above has now written to me three times. Three emails in the space of a week!! I feel as if I've been cyber stalked!!

I'll have to write to her if only to explain that I wasn't dissing her. I really hate being rude.

I'm really gonna enjoy my month on IE. It sort of feels good to be "home" after my travels.


Leah said...

Make the most of it!!!!

Blog On The Land said...

Believe me, I will. Meet tomorrow.