Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sexual Deal Breakers...

So I was reading this great blog from YesGirl (life of a serial mistress) from Illicit Encounters on Sexual Deal Breakers, and I found myself nodding, until she came to the cock size. Yes, a man with a small penis is a sexual deal breaker for her. Now apart from touching on my own male insecurities, I find this a fascinating debate.

She doesn't mention what is her minimum size, but I was wondering how many men like me have viewed sex sites with men with over average cocks, fuck women of all ages and sizes for hours on end. How jealous and anxious does that make us? Me, very. Perhaps its the same equivalent of breast size. Would you really go as stiff as a pencil for a woman with small boobs. Thought not. But her breast size might pale into insignificant if other parts of her body are in good proportion, therefore for me, breasts are seen in context to the woman.

I am of the school it is how you use it that matters. I found out that my size is the UK average for male penis which is 7 inches. Not sure about girth, and no, I've not measured my girth as yet.

I can say that "C" as a much younger person, who is a size 22 can't wait to get me into the sack again. Must be doing something right then? eh YesGirl?