Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Saying goodbye isn't always saying goodbye..

I met and had a disastrous first date with someone from IE. It turned out that she was stalked, and it only stopped when she found the address of the stalker and threatened to report him to his wife. He quite rightly disappeared.

So when she came to me, she already had this in her head. That experience not only ruined her date, but left her vulnerable. She found that while she liked me a lot, and wanted to do things with me, she just couldn't.

We ended badly with me sending her a very rude email, because I was really into her.

Anyway, I decided to be the bigger person and sent her a card. You can get e-cards for free from I would advise you not to play the music, for ANY of the cards. They are real naff.

Anyway, she responds, explains that she is not ready for that type of relationship, and so we have left it. I don't want a girlfriend, she's not strong enough to cheat on her husband as yet.

As she knows, me I have offered my services should she feel the need to get down and horny, but the reality is that I will have to chalk this one down to experience and use my intuition better.

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