Monday, May 4, 2009

exit left stage "M", introducing "B"...

One great thing about IE is that if you play the game right, if you lose one person, you can pick up another. This one was a bit different. She had 5 other suitors. Did I wear her down? Heaven knows. One left because he was a prick, the others I am still trying to find out.

She has a very difficult relationship with her partner at the moment. She doesn't want to "See how it goes...". There is one other person in the picture, but I am not fussed. If she wants to take on more than one lover good on her. Given the type of unloving sex she has been receiving, she deserves someone(s) who tries to have sex with her in mind.

Anyway, nothing is set as yet, as we have yet to agree our first "chemistry" meeting, which from our texts (50 in one night), and MSN and emails I think will go well. But you never know with women and their motives on IE.

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