Sunday, May 10, 2009

So,why me?I

Perhaps I'm really naive at this game. I just want some extra marital fun. I don't want to hurt anyone, and I don't want to get hurt. So, not getting my hots, I join a site called Fuck Buddies, which advertises heavily with Gumtree.

Soon into joining for a month, I get an email from a fit black woman. Just what I am looking for. After a few more quick texts turns out I am not in her area, and its goodbye.

Then I get another email from a 64 year old woman. Now let me tell you, one of my fantasies is to fuck an older woman. I can't explain why. Its not a mother complex. I don't wanna fuck my mother, but when I was younger I was fostered and the mother, even at my tender age of six was well, real hot. I think its because of her that I have this fantasy.

I had one experience with a 55 year old woman ages ago. I have to be honest and say that she destroyed me in bed. She was so horny, she could have fucked me for two days. Don't ever think that after you've reached 50 its downhill.

I remember my mate taking out a bunch of female pensioners on a coach trip for the day. The coach was stopped by the Police and a young officer tried to board. My mate tried to prevent him. Being an officer of the law he won ~ poor boy.

Those women subjected him to the most lurid of taunts, "get your truncheon out mate and get me a good seeing to", "I'll take it for you big boy" were amongst the tamest.

He retreated so fast, you could almost imagine the truncheon clack on up and down on his member. Well he was warned.

Anyway, I digress.

I get a contact from this woman and she leaves her phone number. What more do I want!!! bingo!!!

She's horny for my member inside her. Well, I'm not gonna disappoint.

Anyway, odd things begin to happen. She's happy to do it in a car. Well, that is horny for a 64 year old. At this point we had not exchanged photo's so I ask for hers, really just to confirm who she is, so that I don't approach some stranger when we meet.

I was confused as I looked at this picture. It looked like a man in drag As there was two different pictures I assume that they were of different people. One had the url for a site called silver daddy so I checked it out. It was for gay men and their lovers. There was no woman in site.

A gay man wanted to make love to me ~ again.

I had earlier had the weirdest conversation with her. She wanted to leave her place of residence as a man and then turn into a woman. I was well and truly confused.

It turns out that she was a man who had an operation down below, so she was effectively a transvestite - assuming that I have my sexual orientation terms correct. She had the bottom half done, but not the top.

My days of passion have been dashed once again.

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