Friday, May 8, 2009

Consumer testing PII...

I've decided to test two sites. The first was craigslist . A strange site, inhibited by young things, many of the posts were false. When I did get a reply it was to a website where I could sign up to membership to meet the person whom I wanted to make contact with. Why would I need to sign up to a site to do that?

Gumtree was no better. I scoured the girls seeking boys section and again nubile young ladies abound on the site. It was so popular in term of posting that the men's version, which had very little takers was inhabited by male advertising in the women's section. Now unless they wanted girl on girl action, why would the women scour a section devoted to men seeking seeking women. One person wanted a credit crunch liaision, £95 for a blow job and straight sex. Mmmmmm, no thanks.

At one point, I saw an ad for someone who was coming to a hotel in London and wanted someone to service them. They left a mobile number which I texted. Bingo, it was on.

I tried to find the advert in vein.

We exchanged a few more pleasantries via text, never speaking on the phone. At last, the venue came through, and the time was arranged.

I still couldn't find the ad to confirm its content. The gumtree save and search feature is crap. I had hoped to have swapped a photo, but neither of us asked. So, I asked them to describe themselves. I think the hairy chest gave me a clue I was actually speaking to a man, and he thought that he was onto a good seeing to from me.

After confirming that he was indeed a man, our conversation came to an abrupt end, and so did my association with Gumtree. No more, "I need it hot and sticky" adverts for me, as I nearly had that.

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