Friday, June 12, 2009

That little blue pill..

Have any of you tried that little blue pill to enhance your sex life? I have twice now. The first time I tried it, I took it half an hour before sex. Bad decision. The sex was great, it worked, but the circumstances were difficult.

It was the second time I had sex with this particular person, and we were getting into a getting to know you sex. While I had made her come a number of times, and she was up for sex, her clit was not ready and she kept it gripped on my member.

So we were in a situation where she wouldn't let me penetrate her, but wanted me to penetrate her, perplexing to say the least!!!

Anyway, it took some really big thrusts to enter her, and by then I became so excited that when she did match my thrust I was beginning to start my come. I called out to her "stop", but that seemed to be an invitation for her to continue. She thrust harder baring down on me.

I had no chance. I had to come. It was a good come, but after an hour and a half I expected the blue pill to help me last longer.

Some people can perform after 14 minutes of taking the pill, but for me, I really needed more than a hour. This is what I did the second time. I even only took half the pill. Boy, did it work!!!

Two hours of thrusting, deep and slow whereas I would only previously managed an hour. I could have gone on for hours and still remained stiff. And the recipient was more than grateful.

I love the blue pill, but is it enhancement or cheating?

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Anonymous said...

not cheating just enjoyable i would of thought and if both parties are getting the benefits all the better,you can tell im a woman who loves to for hours cant you lol