Friday, May 8, 2009

Text fuck...

You know, I've made a woman come via MSN. Mind you I had to wank off after we started to describe what we would do to each other. By the time I came to the eating out your pussy part, I was so hard, it was unreal. It was only words. Steamy, dirty, horny words yes, but only words.

I've heard about this type of things but never really thought that it could happen. Well "B", the newest person in my life did a text version. We started off a normal conversation, then she started to talk about another woman. Bewildered, I couldn't answer, then another woman had mysteriously come into our lovemaking. I was having imagined text sex with two women, and we both swapped our ideas of what happened in that bedroom.

I always thought that she was a bit straight laced, but she was more horny than me, and that mystery woman (I made her a BBW Black women, who loved cock and pussy) certainly helped us both out.

It was one of the craziest nights I've been involved it. It got so hot, she simply phoned and said, talk dirty to me. She stayed silent as I described the action of all of us coming in unison, then eventually she gave out a low moan turned round and said in a low whispered tone "gotta go" then texted me "nite" My work was done!!!

Not heard from her in a few days as she now has troubles at home (unrelated to our phone text), so I have left the contacting down to when her domestics are resolved.


Anonymous said...

I have sent and received a lot of sexy texts, but never text fucked as such. But as for instant messaging, wow yes I have done that a lot and it is huge fun. Although you don't always know who is at the other end - just assume that the age, sex and location given are all false and you shouldn't be too disappointed. What I do enjoy most of all though is wanking on cam through instant messaging... hmmmm now that is fun (I must be an exhibitionist)

Alice said...

Text sex can be so hot... I had a great experience with it last week. I was so wet and aching by the time we wound it down I would have let him bend me over the desk there and then. I was at work, he was on the train. The "we're unable to resolve this" nature of the whole thing was so powerful.... maybe that's partly why he has actually managed to find time for me next week after 3 weeks of "sorry hon but I'm so busy ..." Don't underestimate the power of those thumbs.