Sunday, April 26, 2009

Stalked!!!....and I like it!!!

OK, dramatic title.

I have rarely had a woman write to me about an affair. As those on IE know if you are a man you have to be very pro-active in contacting women. My outbox outnumbers my inbox by 3 to 1. Some women are really kind with their responses "no thanks", "Not for me". I've even had a "Leave your details, if it doesn't work out with new boy, I'll come back to you" twice now. Nothing like being an available spare.

Anyway, before I met "M" I received an email from "C". She was 26 years old, while I am in my late 40's. She was a nice, rubenesque white woman from the midlands. We started our conversation and it went along the lines of;

Me: Your much too young for me (I do like older ladies, my fantasy is to make love to someone 60 or over)

C: Age is but a number

Me: But you live outside London. Its miles to your place.

C: I can come down to your place, no problem.

Me: But we might not like each other and that would be a wasted journey for both of us (we had agreed to meet before the test the "chemistry")

It turns out that she was single and hadn't had sex for 10 months. We both got on MSN and started to talk. Through talk and email I learned never to refer to her age. I have not done so nice as she is the most mature person I have met.

Anyway, what she wanted was a good fuck, and our MSN sessions were cybersex in its true sense. In more than one session she almost came as we talked about what we would do to each other. I on more than one occasion had to have a wank, I was ssssssssssssssoooooooooooooo horny.

Eventually, it all got the better of us and we agreed that I would book a hotel (Ibis is great to book as you can cancel on the same day if things go tits up) and meet to test the chemistry beforehand.

I drove up to the Midlands, it took me three hours, on a journey that should have taken half the time. Roadworks, and a woman who decided to shunt into me delaying the journey.

When I got to the meeting place an offer of a drink was swiftly refused as I said "lets go". She was fit to fuck, and boy I wanted to fuck her the moment I saw her at our meeting place. She was around 5' 6" and a size 22. Not being big on women's sizes, a 22 means next to nothing to me. Now I know.

We had some of the best sex I had in my life. She went down on my, I went down on her, and soon she simply said, "I want you inside me", well, I didn't need more encouragement then that, and for two hours we humped and heaved and moaned as we changed positions.

I love it deep and slow, and as she has now asked for part two, I now know that she likes it. I never made her cum, she was so wet, but this time, she will cum.

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