Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Men, you really don't wanna do that.....

You guys on Illicit Encounters ( are dangerous. The feedback I am gonna give you, you won't necessary get in those wonderful testimonials you see on the site. Not that this blog is about dissing the site. This is more about my adventures on the site, both good and bad. Some of my comments come directly from women whom I've spoken to.

I've spoken to more woman than I've been able to date, but even the rejections have been sweet, for the most part.

i love IE. And for the money I can't say I've been disappointed. and at 119 per month, you should expect to make a few contacts.

My blog will go back and forth, sideways and forwards as a way to catch up with my mini adventures. I hope you can join me and leave a comment or two.

Anyway I've digressed as I tend to do. You guys pay £119 per month for the privilege and act as if your on one Sex in The UK,( a clearly inferior product full of cam girls ready to fleece you at the first opportunity. One day, I'll tell you of my misadventures on this site.

Anyway, I was really surprised to learn that men leave dick shots on their hidden photos in IE. Now why? Of course women will want that dick in them AT SOME STAGE, but really guys, you've not even met them and you've told them all they need to know about you.

Women on IE want romance AND sex. Dick shots really do not work guys. Well, not until you get the goods so to speak....

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Anonymous said...

Your so right about the dick shots - it doesnt work for women on IE (yes I am a member). Neither do profile names like Horny4u or any name with the number 69 in them. Men need to use a brain cell and try and be a bit more adventurous with the actual writing part!