Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My first fledgling experiences of an extra marital affair

One day I'll work out why I go onto sex encounter sites. First I had the most weird ambition, which I have not really fulfilled as yet. I want to make love to a mature woman. When I say mature, I mean at least 60 years old. Don't really care about size, or even looks (unless they are really butt ugly, which is few and far between).

I also had a difficult marriage sexually, which I'll go through at some time in the future. But I was drawn to the sex sites first I tried Married but looking. I can't remember the URL, and if I did, I am not giving it out. It is without doubt a rip off site.

I then gravitated to fling UK. It has refreshed itself, but I never got one fling from it. I am sure that it worked for others but not for me. Sex in the UK was my next step. I'll give you a few stories from there.

But I was simply looking for someone other than my wife to explore sexually. A simple goal made difficult by bad sites. Anyway, upwards and onwards.

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Leah said...

Hey you! You're following my blog. If you haven't yet achieved your ambition - then contact me. Leah xx