Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A first date......

Been in contact with "M" for a week or so. When I went on our first date with her it was real funny. We met nearly around the same place at a London main line station. She rang me, but my phone didn't pick up. I rang her back (I checked my phone) and I saw her articulating as I asked her questions.

She wondered how I knew it was her. Well, she did look like her picture only more curves, much more curves, her body gestures were in tune with my call, and there weren't many other chocolate coloured women around.

You learn a lot about a woman on a first date. You guys should try the "what would you like to eat / where would you like to go" if its a general first meet. For me, the question tells me if she's decisive, or is happy to let the man lead. Males leading on a first date does not mean leading all the time, but just lodge it in your brain. You might find your the one thinking about exciting places to go outside of the bedroom.

Anyway, I venture her to a bar inside the station. I've been here before so for me its safe. I know how to order, the payment process so I look good and in command.

I show her the menu. Again, blank expression. I feel that tonight I've really got my work cut out.

I then suggest some Indian food for both of us to eat. Acquiesce again on her part. It makes you think. Is this woman a serial dater and a way for her to get free food (I always pay on a first date, we can double dutch later).

She tells me she's shy. OOOOkkkaaaaay, that explains a lot. She then goes on have a sparking conversation with me, telling me about her other terrible dates. She's surprisingly conversant for a shy girl and I feel easy in her company.

But something is missing.

God, if I was in a hotel room, we'd be banging all night long. So I take the initiative. I say, "I'm gonna give you a cuddle". Not only doesn't she protest, but we start some deep tongue massage.

Bingo - this is what you're like when you haven't had sex for three years.

Soon our hands are all over each other, proper love birds. I try the stiff willy trick. Will she stroke my penis on a first date? Will she let me rub her clit?

OK, school boy "tests" but it almost worked. The little rub I got before she pulled my hand away told me that she was getting wet.

Now I've done "Internet" sex, where you describe sex acts and the person on the other end really gets hot. I've made one or two women either cum, or as near to cum as possible. But I've never tried it on someone who was right next to me.

I started to describe what i would do to her breast. They were big and succulent. You coud bury your head in them and get lost. I described how I'd work my tongue down to her clit. I described how I'd get her wet orally before entering her. I've never heard a woman moan so much feeling hot and horny, and trying at the same time not to cum in public. It was a sight I will treasure.

Anyway, to her credit she didn't want to rush me to a hotel and fuck me. But for me, more importantly we had a connection. And that is what I wanted.

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