Wednesday, April 22, 2009

See how it goes....

Can someone explain to me what "see how it goes" well, goes? If you get frisky with someone on a first date like "m" has with me. What more do you need to find out, inside trousers measurements? I am taking "m" out on Saturday. I suspect that we will end up being frisky, but she will still say "see how it goes..."

All I can say is that I'm damn horny and don't want to see how it goes. I want some bed action. OK, it helps us develop our relationship, but in all honesty, IE is a sexual relationship site. Granted some use it to find love, others companionship, but most use it for sex, even in a "loving" relationship.

So what is see as it goes?

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Anonymous said...

"See how it goes" is female for "I'm definitely interested but I’m not making any promises”.