Friday, April 17, 2009

Cam Girl site?

When I joined Sex In the UK ( I thought, that this was the site for me. Most people had a proper picture of themselves, and very soon I was receiving invitations. It turned out that most of those invitations came from cam girls, who cruised the site with very, very enticing adverts.

There was one which I have kept on my MSN as she had the body of an angel. I've never got to meet her. But if there was a woman who oozed sexual appeal this was the woman. And she was working in cam!!! Oh, such a waste of a great body. She once had a semi naked picture on MSN which was very quickly removed as her womanly shape caused too many sexually explicit comments.

I later got burned with her as I arranged a date, dinner, bonking in a hotel room. Only catch was that I had to get a membership id from a cam site. Bad mistake, some £20 lighter, and the girl suddenly disappearing before I could confirm my date convinced me to quite SITUK.

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