Monday, October 5, 2009


On another blog, the writer told about how she was nearly caught out when her hubby stumbled upon her hotmail account, with, well, a lot of very hot males!!!

She was able to blag her way out of being discovered as an adulterous. No such luck for some of the women on a forum which I frequent.

The first one contacted within a few days of becoming a member. She clearly wanted to meet me, unfortunately, her husband found out, and I suspect that she will be in the dog house for some months, so, no pussy for me.

Then I went to the diary which they used for members to report on their exploits. Member no 2 tells everyone her Husband has discovered her antics and has quite understandably gone ape shit.

The third one, well, she was only on the site because her husband cheated on her!!! Well, he found out, but you then had the site of a beautiful woman baring her bum and pussy, and words in big bold letters beneath her GO AND FUCK SOMEONE ELSE'S WIFE YOU SAD BASTARDS. YOUR NOT HAVING MINE!!!

As they use to say on Hill Street Blues. Be careful out there.

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Anonymous said...

Lol good on that husband who found out and posted his wife naked, that is really really funny. Its sad yes, but very funny. You have to admire the guy.