Friday, September 25, 2009

So, i'm a magnet for new boyfriends....

Just to let you know I was contacted by another previous IE liaison. She was someone who had totally worn me out in bed. She was a monster. I've had few women who were like her. I've had to pump her really hard, get my finger deep inside her cunt and for good measure, lick her out just to get her really wet.

Once I managed to get her to cum within the hour, she had multiple orgasms, I think 8 on average. But it was her who managed it, and when she wanted me to cum, she'd just push hard, and no matter what I did, I came and jerked her off with force.

I loved it.

Anyway, she's now found her soul mate (which I thought was me). Anyway, they're moving in together (and her five children). I am happy for her, but that's now the second IE contact who has found love after being with me.

Perhaps I'm in the wrong business.


moneyforoldrope said...

hi.dont worry....they come come like buses....never one turns up but 3!!!

Anonymous said...


You say your blog is about adult dating sites. Some comments on others would be good like loveisthebug,lovinglinks,myfreeaffair to name a few

Blog On The Land said...

I'm currently testing Love is the bug. Currently testing www.marriedaffair., but good point.