Wednesday, October 14, 2009

On being contacted...

On the website that I am currently on, I think I’ve begun to work out what is happening. When you log on as a new person, the first thing that you do is find other suitable candidates. So, as I have a picture, it is highly likely that I will be one of the first port of call for some women. Many email me with a variation of “You wanna fuck me”. Well, my answer is normally yyyyeeeesss, gerrin there!!! Then I hear nothing from them for ages, and then an email which strongly suggests that they have not bothered to read my email response to their suggetion arrives. Its really annoying.

I find that women, who come with the “wanna fuck"line, are usually testing a number of potential mates, and I am just one of many in line. I’ve never had a liaison with someone who comes on with a “wanna fuck me" message, so I’m less inclined to engage with their games, after all I know I have written to loads of women, and I am just waiting for one to bite. I also find that women with photos are more committed and more lilkey to respond to an email. I’ve never had an email response from someone who has not shown their picture. To me, unless you have some type of picture (and it does not have to be a face, tits or pussy shot) I will not bother to contact them.

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