Friday, September 11, 2009

Women time wasters....

I never really thought about women wasting men's time. I don't mean setting up a meeting and nt turning up, that happens. On Fuck Buddy, I was contacted by plenty of women. The warning signs I've come to learn is when they say "tell me what you'll do to me in bed".

Well, I know its a fuck site, but please, what about the female refrain about treating someone like a person? With a site with more men that women, they must be getting more seriously horny stories to assist them with working that vibrator.

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Anonymous said...

I cant see why women would want guys to tell them explicit stories and that be it, they can get that from various sites on the internet without having to bother with the niceties first. My experience of a site like IE is that the men are time wasters. Ive had guys that can only meet once because the wife doesnt let them out (why waste your money then!), guys who want to have sex with every woman on the site for the cost of their months subscription (a bit like an "all you can eat for £$$$ offer in a restaurant) or guys who, because they have to pay a fee, expect a Pamela Anderson model type woman, when they themselves look like the back end of a bus!