Saturday, August 29, 2009

Fuck buddy comsumer test over...

Long time since I've posted on my blog. The main reason is that my consumer testing with fuck buddy ran a lot longer than anticipated, due to their one month free offer. Both the men and woman, from what I can read on the diary page seem to nothing more than wankers and ball rubbers.

The diary is a useful page to find potential fuck buddies, and some were clearly very pleased. Its a shame that men could only read the women's and vice versa. It really would have been useful to read both men and women's post.

The jist seems to be that men like asking for pictures, arranging meetings and not turning up. When they do turn up, they act like pricks. Some are even good lovers, but don't bother ask for a return.

The women seem to ask for sexy stories (lots of them), and because their are more women than men (not like IE), they can play the field. Its amazing how many women forget that they had already spoken to me. When I warned them that I was leaving and not returning, even when they claimed that they were "eager" it really didn't register.

How can so many women get off on reading men sending them descriptions of what the men would like to do with them.

I had one woman from Gainsborough. Lovely place, but 140 miles away. So this lovely women writes to me and says "Hey, send me a sexy story and I might let you fuck me" One Hundred and Forty Miles. Are you that fucking good in bed that I would want to travel that far? Am I that desperate that I would want to travel that far.

No disrespect to her, but I have seen the women in Gainsborough, and One Hundred and Forty Miles is a wasted journey. How many different men did she ask this question so that she could "wank" herself off?

...and no, I have not had a fuck from it as yet. IE, which I have not rejoined as yet, is still the site for men in my position. What a waste of a few months.

Next post will catch you up with where I am with my various IE contacts.

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