Friday, September 11, 2009

Catch up..

So that even I don't go mad, let me recap where I am with the various ladies not in my life. Well, C has not contacted me since we had two hours of non stop sex minutes after meeting. I hope that she's getting some as her body deserves a seeing to every day.

Shame she lives over 100 miles from London.

B, the one with the abusive husband has finally taken my advice and moved out with her daugther, hopefully never to return. We've still not met. I have been supportive, but I doubt we'll ever meet as lovers.

My bounce backability Church "lover" (we've not had sex yet) has come into and out of my life. Oh, god why do church goers want to have illicit sex when it goes against their religion, and then complain that they want it, but god forbids them from having it.

I hope my time will come soon. She has at last got a vibrator, when beforehand (I had advised her to get one) it was taboo. One day, on our "off" days she texted me. I had some important assignment to complete and she informed me when we were on again that she was ready, really ready for me to entertain her sexually. Drat!!!!

So, there we have it, no lover, no sex.

In terms of IE, I was contacted after my membership was over. I tried via winks to contact her, but for some reason she didn't bother to read my previous email, which would have given her my email address.

Shame, she has now gone hidden profile.

Almost makes you wanna cry.


Anonymous said...

So do you not feel guilty about having various different lovers. I am not a prude, but did you join the site for lots of sex with lots of different women, or perhaps were you hoping for a regular deeper and meaingful liaison with just one lady. And all these ladies, are they aware of each other, and if not, do you feel its wrong not to inform them that they are one of many.

Blog On The Land said...

The idea is to "cast your net wide". I don't think that I could handle different women.

While it might be macho to fuck every women on a site, adjusting to the different needs of women would be very hard.

My idea would be one person whom I could meet on a regular basis and that we could learn from each other.

It would be nice though to find that regular woman, but on most adult sites women and men rarely concnetrate on one person in the hope that they are "the one".