Thursday, November 26, 2009

Jinxed II

And so it came to past. Once more onto the breech of a non date. I am quite clearly the nearly man. Let me explain. Again.

I was in correspondence with a few potential women. Now before I’m labelled a serial dater, you never expect to catch or keep all the fish that you harvest.

So, a few women showed promise then moved on, presumably having found someone else to have fun with. It’s clear that women also “play the field”. anyway I digress.

A long forgotten contact suddenly got in touch. The email system from the site was playing up and she thought that nobody was interested. Anyway when it was fixed she contacted me immediately.

OK, she said, lets cut to the chase and fix a date. Date was duly fixed and then, that similar sound of silence. No email, no wink, nothing. Another time waster.

She then pops up in the diary saying she has to leave the site for some unspecified reason. Bah humbug!! never saw that one coming. She only had to wait a week and we could have been curled up under the duvet of an ibis hotel.

Does my face say “hit me baby one more time” on it?

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