Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Sorrow doesn’t always make it right.

So, Tony Blair, the lame duck Prime Minister of Britain, finds it difficult to say sorry about the Slave Trade. As you are aware the 200th Anniversary of the abolition of the Slave Trade will happen on 27th March 2007. Mr Blair, writing an article in a daily paper could only mutter the words "Deep sorrow". As expected it’s received a mixed reception, and not just along race lines. Mr Blair, “Blog On The Land” has a suggestion. Why not go to Parliament, on the 27th March 2007, and issue a proper, and proportionate apology.

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Anthony said...

Hmm - Interesting. Can you explain why a modern prime minister of the day SHOULD apologise at all? I'm not being antagonistic, I am just curious.

I can understand that, if it was possible, the establishment of the time should apologise but what possible association does that have with TODAY'S political leadership?

He could just as well stand up and say that he is proud of the abolition of slavery. To which anyone might justifiably respond "That was nothing to do with you.".

I just feel that this peculiar fashion for leaders apologising for things over which they have no control is really quite cynical political manipulation and to be discouraged. It's about a relevant as a leader touring a site of a rail crash. Pure unfounded politicking.

Yep, slavery was and still is bad. It happened, modern British society abhors it and should remember the history to prevent repetition. End of story.